How to apply the Fiori pattern for the first time

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This article explains how to apply the Fiori pattern for the first time when you are working with GeneXus for SAP Systems

Look at the Patterns tab of the Country Transaction. It offers the tabs: 

- Fiori for Web
- Work With for Smart Devices

Let's focus on the Fiori for Web tab. 

The first time you intend to apply the Fiori for Web Pattern in one KB, you will find the "Initialize Fiori" link in order to import everything which is necessary to work with that pattern. 


You must select that link and GeneXus will start to import the Fiori theme and all the floorplans:


Once finished you will be able to apply the Fiori pattern (by selecting the "Apply this pattern on save" checkbox) and select a Floorplan (by clicking a new link).