GeneXus Beta Updates Log

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This log shows the most important fixes or features that are being added to the GeneXus Beta Channel.

You can download the latest night-build (only) from


21st October (Build 146107)

  • Back end
    • External Storage on and any AWS S3 compatible provider
    • New properties 'Privacy' and 'URL Expiration' at the generator level to set whether external storage is by default Private or Public and the expiration lapse of the private URLs. 
  • Angular
    • Support for ClientInformation.DeviceType = SmartDeviceType.Web
  • iOS
    • SSL Pinning
  • Android
    • Image Map is editable
  • iOS & Android
    • New video control (UI control with autoplay, play in full screen + methods to stop, pause, start, etc)
    • Dynamic call options
      DynamicCall.SetOption(&DynCallObjectLink, DynamicCallOption.Type, CallType.Popup)
  • IDE
    • The security scanner is now built-in in IDE and can also be run via MSBuild

20th October (Release of GeneXus 17)

Older log at GeneXus Beta Updates Log (Archive - until 20 October 2020)