GeneXus Beta Updates Log

Unofficial Content

This log shows the most important fixes or features that are being added to the GeneXus Beta Channel.

You can download the latest night-build (only) from

Bear in mind that beta builds need to pass fewer tests than the ones of the GeneXus Preview Channel, so backup your GeneXus Installation and KBs before adopting a night build.


Next build

  • New warning: "The 'Web User Experience' property is configured to be 'PreviousVersionsCompatible'. This execution mode is deprecated and in a future version its support will be removed. The application should be converted to 'Smooth'. " Read Converting to Smooth Web UX for detailed instructions to move to 'Smooth'.
  • New: cURL Inspector

July 1st (142412)

June 29th (142357)

  • IDE
    • Objects are now better described in New Object dialog
    • Objects renamed for conceptual consistency
      • Panel for Smart Devices > Panel
      • Theme for Smart Devices > Theme
      • Theme for Web > Web Theme
      • Master Page > Web Master Panel
    • Work with for Smart Devices Objects cannot be created from New Objects dialog anymore (only by applying the pattern to a Transaction Object)
    • Query Object improvements (and automatic conversion when saving the object, to avoid compatibility issues) to improve consistency, functionality, and developer experience
      • Changes in language
        • att in [value1, value2, value3, ...] changes to att in(value1, value2, value3, ...)
        • Average(att1) By(att2, att3, ...) changes to Average(att1) by att2, att3, ...
        • Count(att1) DefinedBy(att2, att3, ...) changes to Count(att1) defined by att2, att3, ...
        • Average(att1) WeightedBy(numericAtt2) changes to Average(att1) weighted by numericAtt2
        • att not like "xxx" changes to not att like "xxx"
        • att not in ["a", "b", "c"] changes to not att in ("a", "b", "c")
        • att not in [1 to 10] changes to not att in (1 to 10)
        • att is null changes to att.IsNull()
        • att is not null changes to not att.IsNull()
        • Sum(att1 where att2 = "xxx") changes to Sum(att1) where att2 = "xxx"
        • Sum(att1) where (> 1) changes to Sum(att1) where Sum(att1) > 1
      • New in language
        • You can reference the enumerated domain, like Domain.Element1
        • Boolean fields and expressions support in conditions (eg.: 'If Att')
        • Conditional expressions <expr> if <cond>;
        • support for Nullvalue() function
      • Improvements in Editors
        • Intellisense, intelitips, undo, automatic control and fix of parenthesis, proper icon usage, etc.

June 17th (141982)

May 27th  

  • Chatbot generator
    • Begins to require GeneXus Protection keys, Beta keys, for code generation. You can ask online for beta licenses, as you do for any GeneXus generator. For commercial information please contact your distributor or sales agent.
    • Updates its integration modules with IBM Watson; given breaking changes on Watson API
    • Supports Watson regions: Dallas, Washington DC, Frankfurt, Sydney, London, Tokyo, and Seoul 
  • Deployment to SAP Cloudfoundry platform
  • GAM: Improved API for user session stats
  • XCode 11.5 support added
  • Annotations on Images also available in Android

May 19th (141132)

  • Deployment
  • .NET Core
    • Notifications support: OneSignal and JPush
    • The session can be stored in Redis
  • IDE: Memory usage and performance improvements
  • GAM: Oracle Identity Provider supported with OAuth 2.0
  • Improvements in reorgs (more reorgs that support changes in attributes using ALTER TABLE )
  • Several security improvements in generated applications

April 21st (140484)

  • jQuery updated to 3.5.1 This may affect the compatibility of 3rd party user controls. This improves security (solves important security issues) and may improve performance. A side effect of this security improvement is that Internet Explorer 8 is not supported anymore.
  • XCode 11.4 required, as described in iOS Requirements
  • Android 10, API 29 required, as described in Android Requirements
  • Contacts API improved to get contact notes in iOS 13+ 
  • Improved ways to Customize GeneXus Deployment capabilities
  • User Control objects can target SAP UI 5. This allows creating User Control Objects using SAPUI5's XML based language for views in the "Screen Template" part of the object. The target can be specified using the new "target" attribute in the Definition tag, in the Properties part.
  • New command-line tool for editing configuration files SAC 44669GxEncryptCMD
  • Count property added to Properties data type
  • Memory consumption improvements when working with patterns. In the case of Work With Plus from Dvelop, it requires a new build of that pattern.  
  • PLUS: All the features that are already in GeneXus 16 upgrade 9

March 1st (build 139526)

February 11 (build 139062)

  • Storage provider can be chosen and configured at runtime
  • Scripted Chatbots can be customized, definition chosen at runtime

January 28th (build 138802)

Installation: If you override your Genexus Beta installation with the zip of the new Beta, then delete Packages\GeneXus.Packages.Testing.Generator.dll and run genexus /install. If you do not do that, you will get an error launching GeneXus, because the package will not load.

January 16th, 2020 (build 138561)

  • Android: Blobfile support added
  • Java web applications can be deployed to Azure
  • .NET Core web applications can be deployed to Azure

December 22nd, 2019 (build 138166)

  • .net core: fixes to GAM, rest services & deployment

December 12th, 2019 (build 137931)

November 25th (build 137442)

  • GAM Backend comes compiled, built-in. This reduces build times in KBs with GAM.
  • GAM for .NET Core supports Oracle
  • Exception_Handler Rule

November  13th, 2019 (build 137200)

  • First bits of Exception_handler(<subroutine name>) rule for logging exceptions

November 12th, 2019 (build 137171)

  • .NET Core Generator: .NET Core 3 is required. (Net Core SDK 3.0.100 or higher)
  • GeneXus AI
    • Google support for Custom module (2.7.1).
    • Evaluate task is calculated locally (and 'Local' field of Measure data type is set in True) when the provider does not give this information (e.g. IBM) (2.7.1).
  • Testing

October 17th, 2019

October 7th, 2019 (Build 136xxx or higher)

  • Blockchain: Hyperledger Fabric as a data source in GeneXus
  • GeneXus AI: Production Environment support for SAP added
  • Web UI & UX
    • Import from Sketch also available for Web
    • Canvas control also available for Web allows absolute positioning
    • Smart Table for web (CSS grid) allows easier alignment and design
    • Picture of Numeric fields can be changed in runtime
    • Grid State information can be programmatically accessed and modified when Save State property is True 
  • Android
  • GAM
    • SSO between distributed Rest Services (Single Token Oauth)

September 12th, 2019 (Build 135971 or higher)

  • Power Users: Now you can define your  Custom Build Commands
  • .Net Core Generator supports Oracle (requires tnsnames.ora in web directory for web apps, and in web\bin for command line apps)

August 27th, 2019 (build)

  • Java:
    • JDK / JRE 1.8 or higher is required
    • Internal refactorings in standard classes updating code to Java 8
    • Fixes to avoid compilation warnings
  • Additional Build performance improvements & generated code cleaning
  • iOS: Bitcode enabled
  • IDE
    • Export Language to XLIFF (Xml Localization Interchange File Format) or XLSX (Microsoft Excel)
    • Export filters in Export Language (Tools > Translations > Export Translations File)
      • Text Filter
      • Used in Object
      •  Only user messages
      • Only translated messages
      • Only referenced messages
    • Bring Server version to Local KB

July 29th, 2019 (build 135054) 

  • Access Custom Models with GeneXus AI: HowTo: Build a custom model for GeneXusAI
  • Specification performance improvements (some objects that took minutes to be specified now take just a few seconds)
  • Target Environment Update performance improvements 
  • Fixes to PWA
  • Empty As Null property has been renamed to Null in Forms; Behavior of Empty As Null property has been renamed to Behavior of Null in Forms
  • Values of Null in Forms property are Nulls, Empty as Null, Blank.
    • The value Blank only applies for Numeric Attributes in Transactions and is intended to differentiate the UI of an Empty vs a Null value
  • iOS: XCode 10.3 now required
  • Android: Internal refactorings for Android X
  • Server-side of Native mobile applications that use GAM can now run on serverless platforms (aka AWS API Gateway)

June 24th, 2019 (build 134239)

  • GAM API is now a module (less code needs to be generated)
  • GAM - iOS & Android: Biometric authentication (Enable Biometrics Property at the Main SD Object)
  • iOS
    • Group notifications
    • Animation layer in SD Maps
  • IDE:
    • New output window that supports high workload
      • Good performance on big outputs
      • Customizable Colors and Font Size
      • Great performance on Find operations
      • Allow to automatically save outputs. (The window save its output on the OutputLogs relative to KB)
      • Support bi-directional moves when RTL characters are found.
      • Automatic highlight current word selection, and automatic highlight current selection on the whole log.
    • Build > Build Events has a new macro with the full path to the msbuild command
  • Java, C#, .NET Core: GeneXus.Common.Runtime.ExitCode lets you set the exit code in a command line procedure
  • .NET Core fixes:
    • PWA
    • Socket API
    • xml schema validation

May 27th, 2019 (build 133526)

May 15th, 2019 (build 133253)

  • Grids know to save its state! Filters and orders are maintained automatically in session when Save State property is set to True
  • Fixes to PWA in .NET

May 2nd, 2019 (build 132955)

  • Xcode 10.2 and CocoaPods 1.6.1 is supported and required.
  • Package Module with database access for Solutions extensibility scenarios
  • In the process of moving standard classes' development to Github ([, we already have moved and published the Java classes. This facilitates contributions, extensibility, and customization too. (We have moved Android classes too, but not published them yet.)
  • To export a module via MSBuild, now a new parameter is supported: IncludeChildren
    <Export Objects="Module:GeneXusSecurity" File="c:\GeneXusSecurity.xml" IncludeChildren="true"/>
  • New provider for GeneXus AI Module: Alibaba


April 1st (and it's not a fool)

  • Parallel Pattern Instances generation.(build >= 132273)
    • Requirements
      • Create a parallel.flag in the GeneXus Installation directory
      • Tools->Options->Build->Concurrent Generation must be true
      • Tools->Options->Build->Concurrent Specification Instances > 1
      • If you use WWPlus from 'Dvelop Software', add the GeneXus installation directory to the PATH environment variable, or ask for a newer version of WWPlus.

March 20th

March 7th

  • GeneXus M
    • New editors for responsive sizes, theme rules, colors

February 6th

December 21st, 2018

From v16u1 to December 16th, 2018

  • Web performance: In transactions, browser - server roundtrips have been grouped in order to reduce roundtrips. This increases the performance (reduces latency issues) of transactions when the user changes the focus from the first field to the last one, for example. 
  • Redis distributed cache is supported in Java
  • Amazon and Tencent are supported as providers for GeneXus AI
  • Already too on v16u2 / Preview Channel
    • Support for Firebase Analytics
    • Scan Credit cards in Smart Devices
    • Do Build of Deployment Units
    • More at GeneXus 16 upgrade 2