GeneXus Beta Updates Log

Unofficial Content

This log shows the most important fixes or features that are being added to the GeneXus Beta Channel.

You can download the latest night build (only) from

Bear in mind that night builds have no tests, so backup your GeneXus Installation and KBs before adopting a night build.


This log is being updated on a weekly basis

12-24 May 2018

  • New requirement for .NET Core code generation: SDK .NET Core 2.1.300
  • Support for Java 9 and Java 10 in Java generator
  • The ADO.NET driver of Informix is called using reflection, so any compatible driver can be used to connect to this DBMS
  • Chatbot generator:
    • The Chatbot external module is now packaged with GeneXus (so, it's built in!), you just need to update it through the Knowledge Manager -> Manage Module References.
    • It is possible to modify the UI of the Web and SD panels because they are no longer generated by the pattern. They are now distributed as resources. See Resources of the pattern. Besides, a Theme is also distributed for both Web and SD, giving a new look & feel, that you can change to suit the design of your application.
    • The generation of the objects has been optimized. When you save the Conversational Flows instance, synchronization with the AI provider happens automatically. The F5 process now generates the objects of the pattern. See How to generate my bot.
    • The entity values can be updated in the AI provider using a procedure of the Chatbot module. See HowTo : Initialize entity values in the AI provider.
    • A user can interact with a chatbot in SD, switch to Web platform and continue the same conversation (and vice-versa). The context is kept on both platforms using the GetUserId procedure.
    • The context can be cleaned in any flow, using the Clean Context Value property.
  • GAM
    • Support for Facebook API 3.0
    • Multiple authentication types of the same provider are supported: For example, you can define 2 authentication types of Facebook
    • Support for OAuth 2.0 authentication types support improved (Tested with Office 365, Mercadolibre, Instagram, Linkedin)
    • External authentication types (like Facebook, Google, Twitter) can now impersonate others. (Facebook requires a particular configuration to return the same user ID in two applications)

06-11 May 2018

  • Build 123518 requires .NET Framework 4.7.1
  • GAM contains a database Reorganization to fix problems related to authentication using generic OAuth 2.0 identity providers
  • New Configuration Manager API to read configuration files (client.cfg, web.config, etc)
&hasValue = GeneXus.Common.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.HasValue(&configName, &fileName)
&configValue = GeneXus.Common.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.GetValue(&configName, &fileName)
  • New ADO.Net Provider "Oracle Managed Provider"; to connect to the DBMS without an Oracle Client (required for running on PaaS)
  • iOS: Support for Google Maps
  • fix: Deployment of command line procedures does not include web panels

01-06 May 2018

  • No new updates will be released this week, except the ones of the GeneXus SDK so that patterns, extensions, and some user controls can be built using the new SDK that requires .NET Framework 4.7.1
  • GeneXus Build 123233 or higher will require .NET Framework 4.7.1

25-30 April 2018

  • New GeneXus SDK (build 123233) for building Patterns, Extensions, and User Controls is available. Requires .NET Framework 4.7.1
  • Database Reorganization support for
    • DateTime with Milliseconds to DateTime
    • DateTime to Date
  • GAM API adds support to get the Application's ClientID at server-side.
  • Fixes related to
    • OData
    • Deploy to AWS Lambda, Deploy using GXflow
    • broken issues that were required to release GeneXus 15 Upgrade 10

16-24 April 2018