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Converts a plain text into an audio stream.



The following table resumes the configuration properties that you must set before calling this AI task.

Property   Google Cloud AI IBM Watson  Microsoft Azure  SAP Leonardo
Key From Cloud Speech API From TextToSpeech API  From Bing Speech API  -
Username - From TextToSpeech API  - -
Password - From TextToSpeech API - -


Taking the following plain text, the table below shows the synthesis made for each provider and the time it takes for processing it.

"The first question that comes up is: What is GeneXus? GeneXus is a tool that automatically generates software programs such as applications for the Web, and Smart Devices, always at the forefront of technological evolution."
Provider Output Benchmark
Google Cloud AI

IBM Watson

Microsoft Azure 

SAP Leonardo N/A N/A

The &Text input parameter also admits SSML inner nodes (excluding <speak> root) for formatting pronunciation, intonation, etc. For example:

"<emphasis level='strong'>GeneXus<emphasis> is a tool that <prosody pinth='high'>automatically generates software programs</prosody> such as applications for the Web, and <sub alias='Smart Devices'>SD</sub>, with over <say-as interpret-as='cardinal'>30</say-as> years of experience."

Giving the following result:


  • For SSML input, not all of the elements and options of W3 SSML specification are currently supported on every provider. GeneXusAI specifically does not allow the  <voice> tag, it must be set in the &voiceType input parameter.
  • For Google Cloud AI, when you enable Speech Cloud API to use this task, you must select 'Standard Voices' option.


Platforms  Web(.NET,.NETCore,Java), SmartDevices(Android,iOS)
Connectivity  Online


This procedure is available as of GeneXus 16.

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