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Analyze the sentiment transmitted in a written text.




The following table resumes the configuration properties (access credentials) you must set in order to use this AI task.

Property Amazon WS Baidu AI Google Cloud AI IBM Watson Microsoft Azure SAP Leonardo Tencent AI
Id - 自然语言 - - - - 专有名词
Key Comprehend 自然语言 Natural Language API Natural Language
Text Analytics - 专有名词
SecretKey Comprehend 自然语言 - - - - -
Username - - - Natural Language
(backward compatible)
- - -
Password - - - For Natural Language
(backward compatible)
- - -


Taking the following text as input, the table below shows the score given for each provider (as a JSON structure) and the time it takes for processing it.

"The first question that comes up is: What is GeneXus? GeneXus is a tool that automatically generates software programs such as applications for the Web, and Smart Devices, always at the forefront of technological evolution."

Provider Output Benchmark
Amazon WS 0.539 (almost neutral) 877ms
Baidu AI 0.529 (almost neutral) 803ms
Google Cloud AI 0.550 (almost neutral) 1310ms
IBM Watson 0.969 (mostly positive) 1477ms
Microsoft Azure 0.500 (neutral) 1134ms
SAP Leonardo N/A N/A
Tencent AI 0.500 (neutral) 1253ms


Platforms Web(.NET,.NETCore,Java), SmartDevices(Android,iOS)
Connectivity Online


This procedure is available as of GeneXus 16.

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