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This article pretends to be a guideline of best practices when designing apps for GeneXus ecosystem. Developers will appreciate this!

Naming layers

Avoid default layer naming. Instead, describe what it is representing.

Do Naming - Do
Don't Naming - Dont

Also, avoid extremely large names or names with non-alphanumeric characters (starting always with alphabetical characters).

Related elements

Group everything that should be together. A group will represent a table container for those controls you had defined.

Do Groupping - Do
Don't Groupping - Dont

Static vs dynamic content

If the content you place in your design does not change, use Static convention.

Do Static - Do
Don't Static - Dont

Reuse styles

Avoid defining the appearance of each element in your design. Instead, try to define Layer or Text Styles for reusing them on multiple elements.

Do Styles - Do
Don't Styles - Dont

Reuse components

Avoid making multiple copies of a group of elements in different artboards. Instead, conceptualize your groups and define symbols for them which should be overridden when it is required.

Do Symbol - Do
Where the symbol defined by Button Confirm is as follows:
Symbol - Def
Don't Symbol - Dont

User input and labels

Labels for an user input should be defined by the Static convention. If you have a complex control (e.g. radio-button), the label must be defined outside the group that contains the control drawing itself.

Do Labels-Do_png
Don't Labels-Dont_png


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