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This article describes a set of design files made with the Sketch design tool and exported by GxDesignOps plugin in .gxsketch format.

Warning: Do not expect a perfect import. It is highly likely that you or your designer will have to fix something in the design file or the generated objects (abstract layout or theme-class).

Movies mobile front-end design

Sample download

Download Icon Material Movies.gxsketch

Runtime execution

A simple mobile front-end application for purchasing movie tickets.

Designer Developer
Sketch Artboard GeneXus Android Apple
01 Home Movies-Sketch-01Home_2021102513294_1_png View01Home Movies-Android-Home_20211025132950_1_png Movies-iOS-Home_2021102513300_1_png
02 Movie Movies-Sketch-02Movie_20211025132912_1_png View02Movie Movies-Android-Movie_20211025133012_1_png Movies-iOS-Movie_20211025133020_1_png
03 Choose Seat Movies-Sketch-03ChooseSeats_20211025132923_1_png View03ChooseSeat Movies-Android-ChooseSeat_20211025133031_1_png Movies-iOS-ChooseSeat_20211025133041_1_png
04 Checkout Movies-Sketch-04Checkout_20211025132931_1_png View04Checkout Movies-Android-Checkout_20211025133052_1_png Movies-iOS-Checkout_2021102513310_1_png

Food trucks mobile front-end design

A simple mobile front-end application for food truck mailing.

Sample download

Download Icon Material Foodtrucks.gxsketch

Runtime execution

Designer Developer
Sketch Artboard GeneXus Android Apple
01 Home Foodtrucks-Sketch-01Home_png View01Home Foodtrucks-Android-Home_png Foodtrucks-iOS-Home_png
02 Foodtruck List Foodtrucks-Sketch-02FoodtruckList_png View02FoodtruckList Foodtrucks-Android-FoodtruckList_png Foodtrucks-iOS-FoodtruckList_20211025133428_1_png
03 Product List Foodtrucks-Sketch-03ProductList_png View03ProductList Foodtrucks-Android-ProductList_png Foodtrucks-iOS-ProductList_png
04 Product Foodtrucks-Sketch-04Product_png View04Product Foodtrucks-Android-Product_png Foodtrucks-iOS-Product_png
05 Order Foodtrucks-Sketch-05Order_png View05Order Foodtrucks-Android-Order_png Foodtrucks-iOS-Order_png

First Bank mobile front-end design

Bank mobile front-end application for account viewing, credit card payments, and money transfers.

Sample download

Download Icon Material FirstBank.gxsketch

Runtime execution

Designer Developer
Sketch Artboard GeneXus Android Apple
Splash First Bank sample Designer - Splash ViewSplash First Bank sample Android - Splash First Bank sample Apple - Splash


First Bank sample Designer - Login ViewLogin First Bank sample Android - Login First Bank sample Apple - Login
Dashboard First Bank sample Designer - Dashboard ViewDashboard First Bank sample Android - Dashboard First Bank sample Apple - Dashboard
Checking Account First Bank sample Designer - CheckingAccount ViewCheckingAccount First Bank sample Android - CheckingAccount First Bank sample Apple - CheckingAccount

Credit Card

First Bank sample Designer - CreditCard ViewCreditCard First Bank sample Android - CreditCard First Bank sample Apple - CreditCard
Credit Card Payment First Bank sample Designer - CreditCardpayment ViewCreditCardpayment First Bank sample Android - CreditCardpayment First Bank sample Apple - CreditCardpayment
Moneytransfer step_01 First Bank sample Designer - MoneytransferStep01 ViewMoneytransfer_Step01 First Bank sample Android - Moneytransfer_Step01 First Bank sample Apple - Moneytransfer_Step01
Moneytransfer step_02 First Bank sample Designer - MoneytransferStep02 ViewMoneytransfer_Step02 First Bank sample Android - Moneytransfer_Step02 First Bank sample Apple - Moneytransfer_Step02
Moneytransfer step_03 First Bank sample Designer - MoneytransferStep03 ViewMoneytransfer_Step03 First Bank sample Android - Moneytransfer_Step03 First Bank sample Apple - Moneytransfer_Step03
Moneytransfer step_04 First Bank sample Designer - MoneytransferStep04 ViewMoneytransfer_Step04 First Bank sample Android - Moneytransfer_Step04 First Bank sample Apple - Moneytransfer_Step04


Generators: Android, Apple, Angular


This sample has been made for GeneXus 17.

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