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Our phones only support a few dozen of apps, but we need millions of different digital services in our everyday changing life. 

Hence the idea is, why not, in one app solve millions of needs? For example, let's suppose there is an already existing app of a financial institution that solves payments and already has users and their identities, and these users already make payments through that app. Why not extend the experience that these users have? So that they do not just pay for a haircut but also make an appointment with the hairdresser through the app. Or solve the whole experience related to going to the cinema, or shopping cars or fruits.

This isn't a new idea, it is already mainstream in China, where Wechat offered already in 2020 more than 3 million of services (called Mini programs), and it is a trend in the western countries right now.

So, in an app you're going to provide many services, that is, you're going to load dynamically many Mini Apps, and this is a huge challenge for building software because you have to consider architecture issues, security issues, and privacy issues. Those challenges involve very complex aspects to solve. 

Note that, given the elasticity of the inherent architecture, even though you are not planning to create a whole ecosystem, you may consider this approach for just creating a very, very flexible and modular native app. 

Technology to turn an existing app into a Super App

With GeneXus 18 you can turn an existing native application into a super app, and generate the Mini Apps to be loaded into the Super App. Furthermore, GeneXus offers a Mini App Center, a software to govern the catalog of the Mini Apps to be loaded into the Super App.

GeneXus 18 is the first tool in the world to solve the creation of 100% of the components required to build a super app, the fastest way to get it.

To get into the details, follow up by reading GeneXus Super Apps and Mini Apps.

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