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This document describes the steps you need to follow in order to update a KB from GeneXus 17 to GeneXus 18.

If you're converting from previous versions, please refer first to: Converting Knowledge Bases to GeneXus 16, 17 or higher


To open a Knowledge Base (KB) that is already on GeneXus 17 with GeneXus 18 follow these steps:

0) First of all, consider GeneXus 18 Compatibility Section

1.A) If your KB is not connected to a GeneXus Server,

1.B) If your KB is connected to a GeneXus Server,

1.B.1) If you decide to install GeneXus Server on another instance,

1.B.2) If you update to GeneXus Server 18 your GeneXus Server 17 instance

2) Prepare for Build

  • If you use GXtest, you may have a folder GXtest with objects Runner and TestReferences. You must delete them since they are not used anymore and won't compile. Follow the steps described in New tests runner.

3) Build All/Rebuild All (*)

If your KB uses GAM or GXflow this process may update the associated database schemas.

If your KB uses GAM, and you still do not want to migrate to Unanimo, then change GAM Settings to not import the GAM frontend.

(*) If you generate for Android, iOS or Angular,

  • delete the <Environment Directory>\mobile folder before doing a Rebuild with GeneXus 18.

To compile iOS Native Apps, do the following steps on your device with Mac OS:

  • Delete the content (for each user of the mac that is about to compile code)
  • Delete the folder “build” that is in

4) Check out Navigation changes using the Navigation Comparer. Note that navigations may change given several navigation improvements.

5) Test it

6) If the KB is connected to GeneXus Server, commit changes.


Start Video Keys for a successful migration to GeneXus 18

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