Mini App Center

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The Mini App Center is an essential part of the Super App and Mini Apps architecture. It is a place where the Super App is declared and the Mini App definitions are stored to be later reached and loaded from the Super App.

This provisioning server provides the following functionalities:

  • Registration of organizations, their members and permissions. For instance, who can upload Mini Apps of a certain Super App.
  • Provide digital signatures to be included in the Super App packaging.
  • Provides the services to search for Mini Apps for a given Super App. This is distributed through the GeneXusSuperApp Module. These searches can be by: 
    • Keywords
    • Location
    • Relevant in a specific period of time.
  • Access management for Mini Apps releases (registration, release for review, enable it for production)
  • Sign the metadata of a Mini App with the private key of the Super App. This is done automatically when publishing a Mini App.