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GeneXus Web is a Web-based Low-Code Development Platform fully hosted on the cloud.

The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that you work with through the browser connects to the cloud, where your definitions are stored, databases are created, and programs are generated, compiled, and deployed.

It is lightweight because tasks performed on the client-side (browser) use very few resources, and more resource-intensive tasks are performed on the server-side (which is in the cloud with all the necessary installations, configurations, and power).

It enables the quick generation of software applications in multiple languages and platforms. For example, you can choose to generate applications for a specific target platform (certain language, database, environment, platform) either for the Web (with responsive web design, etc.) or for mobile devices (online and offline native applications) and combined.


It’s easy to learn, highly productive, and future-proof, as it is continuously adopting new technologies.

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