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This log shows the most important fixes or features that are being added to the GeneXus Beta Channel.

You can download the latest night build (only) from


November 14th, build 178316

  • OpenAICompatible.flag allows to generate OpenAPI specification of API Objects compatible with OpenAI (OpenAI has some restrictions an requirements in what is supported related to OpenAPI 3). With this flag, new properties can be set: Generate As OpenAI Plugin, Description for Human, Description for Model. With this configuration, a './well-known/ai-plugin.json' is generated too.

November 12th, build 178282

  • Fix in GAM OAUTH 2.0 protocol so that OpenAI GPT's can register APIs with GAM
  • New annotation called 'Description' helps to describe API methods. Useful for generating better OpenAPI specification
  • OpenTelemetry spans generation in .NET (as in Java)

October 29th, build 177748

  • Native Mobile
  • Angular
    • gx-grid-column-size property to set width of a column of a Tabular grid

October 17th, build 177271

  • .NET
    • When you build .NET applications, the whole suite now requires .NET 8 (the application, GAM, GXflow, etc). Check .NET Generator Requirements.
    • Refactoring in httpclient for receiving chunked messages as in Java
  • Angular
    • Query supports Timeline output

October 4th

September 27th, build 176519

  • .NET Generator: .NET 8 support added; (requires special config)
  • .NET 8 RC1 is required for generating .NET applications and also for testing (GXtest)
  • Apple:
    • XCode 15 support added 
    • Mac OS Sonoma (14.0) support added
    • Flexible client version to be used can be specified at environment level
  • Android
  • Angular 
    • New property Autorefresh in Panels.
    • Grids now support autorefresh. When a user changes the value of a filter, the grid is automatically refreshed. (As in Web Panels).
    •  Tabular Grid has new properties: Hideable, Resizeable, Freeze, Tooltip, Image, Visible, Title Visible, etc.
    • Timeline chart implementation improved.
  • GAM: changes in database schema: Now its version is 4.0.9. 

September 14th, build 176152

  • Support for Java 20
  • Angular:
    • Now hoy can add variables on the layout and filter the grid by those variables (As in Web Panels) .
    • Support of Tabular grid improved.

August 28th, build 175633

  • First bits of Spring Boot support in Java
    • Why:
      • Easy setup / No extra Tomcat support / Tomcat 10.1 embedded in spring
      • Faster prototyping / Faster boot times
    • New property: Java Framework with values None, Spring Boot
    • Requires JDK 17
    • Already working: Web apps and REST services
    • (Still missing: Deployment, F5 deploy to cloud)
  • .NET supports Active Directory (Microsoft Entra) to connect to SQL Server

August 10th, Build 174853

  • overall stability improvements

August 5th, Build 174726

  • Httpclient support in Angular
  • The properties grid helps to define classes in the Design System object 

August 4th, Build 174685

  • API Object:
    • Permission per service method. New annotation: SecurityPermission(<string>)
    • Auth level per service method New annotation: SecurityLevel(<AuthLevel>); AuthLevel with possible values None, Authorization, and Authentication. 
  • New reorganization message "nfo0005: 'This table is reorganized using a conversion program.'" when the reorganization cannot be done using just scripts.
  • Angular: Accessibility improvements
    • New properties of UI controls: Role, Accessible Name, Accessible Visible, 
  • + everything that comes also with GeneXus 18 Upgrade 5

July 24th, build 174316

  • Angular: Support for Tabular grid improved
    • Paging support
  • Reporting
    • New implementation for Queryviewer charts, cards in Angular
    • Improvements in design systems
  • Suggest feature supports loading data from data providers
  • iOS:
    • Support for Group Notifications
    • Improvements for UI and Unit testing
  • Android:
    • New property 'Execution Type' to be able not to build apk and future use of KBN.
    • Per-app language preferences support on API 33
  • Event Messaging API for Azure Event Grid

June 30th, build 173617

  • Improvements to Cosmos DB inspector: Indexes inspection
  • Support for sending and receiving chunks via HTTP.
    • httpclient data type: 
      • New property:
        • EOF:Boolean
      • New methods:
        • ReadChunk():String
        • WriteChunk(String)
    • Procedures:
      • New Property for sending chunks in httpresponse:
        • HTTP streaming support= off|chunked. The default value is off.
&HttpClient.Execute(!"GET", &URL)
do while not &HttpClient.EOF
             &ChunkDataString= &HttpClient.ReadChunk()

If the response is not chunked (that is, the Transfer-Encoding Header is not 'Chunked'), then the ReadChunk method returns the same as the &httpclient.ToString() method and EOF is true.
In the sender, if HTTP streaming support is chunked, then the &httpresponse.AddString() method sends a chunk.

June 23rd, build 173439

  • Deploy to cloud now deploys to sandbox* instead of apps* 
  • Import from External design: Support for Web Master Panel by convention
  • Blob storage trigger in Azure functions

June 15th, build 173183

  • Super Apps: support for Web mini Apps
  • PDF Reports generation: Support for iText 8. Important: It requires a commercial license.

June 13th, build 172993

June 8th, build 172870

April 19th, build 171406

  • Support for PDF/A in .NET
    • To use, edit pdfreport.ini and add one of these lines: 
      • ComplianceLevel= pdf_a1b
      • ComplianceLevel= pdf_a1a
  • OpenTelemetry: Support for Azure Insight Monitor
  • + everything of GeneXus 18 Upgrade 3

April 3rd, build 170864

  • Java: Tomcat 10.1 and Servlet 6 support added
  • Import design: Support for shadows in Web
  • Nuget is supported as a Modules Server type. As of now, the Nuget repository manager is recommended for storing modules, because it automatically handles dependencies. If you have on Nuget a Module A that depends on B, that depends on C, then, when you install A on a KB, it automatically brings B and C. This simplifies module management and usage enormously.
  • Cosmos DB support in Java too
  • Unanimo: Dark mode in Native Mobile
  • Angular: RTL support added

March 25th, build 170618

  • GAM: Azure AD is a built-in OAUTH 2.0 authentication type now. This makes configuration easier.
  • Java: Tomcat 10.1 and Servlet 6 support added
  • Native Mobile: New Interop.OpenSettings() and OpenSettingsURL() methods to open the device's settings panel.

March 7th, build 169943

  • RTL
    • Support for RTL in Unanimo, and improvements in the generators related to RTL support
    • Now in Unanimo and Web Panels, you don't need to use SetTheme() + SetLanguage(); just with SetLanguage() it is enough because Unanimo (and every Design System with Base CSS = none) automatically chooses the minimum bootstrap CSS that is required for RTL or LTR. The web generators generate the HTML dir attribute to indicate rtl or ltr
  • Deploy sources feature in .NET available for targets 'local' and 'Microsoft Azure serverless (backend services)' through new property Packate Type with values Binaries, Sources.
  • IDE: Design System Class Properties and their values can now easily be set via property editor. You can filter properties in order to set just the ones that are allowed by a specific UI control.
  • Native mobile
    • Screen brightness can be set via Interop.Screenbrightness property
    • Android 13: Language selection improvements when using Runtime Translation
    • iOS: Performance improvements in grids
  • Query Objects: Integrated security level can be set at the object level
  • Support for CosmosDB in .NET Generator completed.

January 24th, build 168708

January 19th, build 168634

  • New properties Java Artifact Id and Java Artifact Version in External object to enable references to artifacts on maven, resolved by Gradle. The format is the one supported by Gradle, eg com.genexus:gxwebsocket

January 13th, build 168490

  • Native Mobile
    • Apple: XCode 14 required
    • New API to ask for a review: StoreInterop.AskForReview()

January 7th, Build 168361

  • Cloud Native & Backend
    • First bits of support for Cosmos DB for NET.
    • Improvements to deployment in Java, jars related to cloud services & maven
    • First bits for enhanced Observability
      • New Observability Service at environment level with properties to set Provider and Application Name
        • Requires ObservabilitySupport.flag in GeneXus installation directory
      • .NET
        • Providers: OpenTelemetry SDK, AWS XRAY
        • Instrumented components: AspNetCore, HttpClient, Exceptions, SQLServer, MySQL
      • Java
        • Providers: OpenTelemetry SDK, LightStep, AWS XRAY 
        • Instrumented components: All
    • Log settings with environment variables in .NET (as in Java)
  • Angular
    • First bits of support for tabular grids
    • Support for javascript npm modules in External Objects
  • IDE
    • Possibility to execute genexus.exe without administration permissions 
      • For this, you can edit genexus.exe.manifest and change the level of the requestedExecutionLevel. More Information...
    • MSBuild task for exporting only the structure of transactions
    • Design System edition: Go to the definition of a class with F12
  • Android
    • The implementation of Google Ad Manager has been updated
  • Test
    • Added option to choose the type of build performed before running tests (if any)
    • All test execution results are stored in a dedicated folder and accesible from Tests Results window
    • More at Changelog GXtest
  • Other
    • Remove method in FTPs and sFTP


Older log at GeneXus Beta Updates Log (Archive - until 10th November 2022)

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