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The Theme for Smart Devices object allows you to configure and achieve most of the aesthetic effects required in your mobile application.

When you use the Native Mobile Generator (for example, when creating or importing the first object for Smart Devices into your Knowledge Base), the 'CarmineSD' Theme for Smart Devices object is automatically imported with two child-themes: 'CarmineIOS' and 'CarmineAndroid'.

The 'CarmineIOS' and the 'CarmineAndroid' Themes for Smart Devices are automatically assigned under the SD Platforms node to the "Any iOS" subnode and the "Any Android" subnode respectively (in their Theme property). Each specific iOS platform (iPad, iPhone, iPhone 3.5", etc.) inherits the Theme configured for the "Any iOS" node and each specific Android platform inherits the Theme configured for the "Any Android" node. You could change all those Themes, to get different looks and feels depending on the device type.

Simple Themes for Smart Devices- GeneXus 15

There also exist two more Themes (backward-compatible) that can be imported and set: SimpleAndroid and SimpleIOS.

You can create your own Theme for Smart Devices based on one of the existing, or new at all (all classes with its default value) by selecting in the main GeneXus menu File > New Object.

The created Theme automatically will contain a group of predefined classes corresponding to GeneXus controls (and also, other elements).

SD Theme Classes GeneXus 15

Styles tab

Displays every component of a Theme object in a tree-like interface.

(1) Available as of GeneXus 15 Upgrade 8
(2) Available as of GeneXus 15 Upgrade 9

Color tab

Allows the developer to select a Color Palette object that applies to the Theme object, displaying which colors are used (in the palette or not) for that theme. Also, for each color, will display a properties list with theme-class that uses such colors. That simplifies the developer task of discovering which color is applying to.
For more information, refer to Colors Tab of Theme Object.

Images tab

At this tab, all the images used by the Theme object will be displayed. When an image varies with a theme, only the corresponding to this theme is shown.

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