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You might have seen how much was automatically generated by GeneXus from the two objects you have defined. 

Now suppose at the pharmacy you are told that, for each product, they want to record an image. 

To do that, go back to GeneXus Web, and in the Product Transaction, you have just to enter an attribute called ProductPhoto:


The Image type enables you to store images. 

The Web Form is automatically updated, including the ProductPhoto attribute. 

Press F5 and GeneXus will evaluate the impact caused by the new definitions in the Knowledge Base, and it will show the Impact Analysis Report:


By reading the report, you will see that the Product table must be updated. 

The attributes of Image data type, produce the creation of two attributes in the corresponding physical table in order to store the image information.

By clicking on the Reorganize button, GeneXus will create and execute the programs that will change the database. Then it will generate the programs required that correspond to the application in itself. 

Note that immediately you will have the application running again in the web browser, with the new definition included:



If you remember the stored product code you may enter it, and another option is to select it from a list by clicking on the SELECT option. From there, you can retrieve the “STAR muscular pain medicine” and upload its photo:


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