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GeneXus Next is a combination of different AI Assistants and GeneXus technology to create enterprise software solutions, in record time, through the combination of deterministic symbolic AI and LLM (Large Language Model) technology. It allows you to create systems by describing your needs in natural language.

Describe your request in natural language (for example: travel agency, pharmacy, etc.) and GeneXus Next will deliver the solution for you, generating a complete online backoffice for your business, based on the data and entities you need.

It also creates queries, APIs and native apps for the system.

GeneXusNextShortDemo gif

Step 1: Prompt your request
Step 2: Check and/or adjust entities/attributes
Step 3: Select the app's style
Step 4: Publish your application

Give it a try! (Using a computer or laptop is recommended)

GeneXus Next' site here
GeneXus Next' FAQs here

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