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GeneXus Next Edition is the evolution of GeneXus' Low-Code software development platform. It represents the integration of the Artificial Intelligence revolution into every aspect of the Enterprise Software Design, Development, Delivery, and Maintenance process.

Beyond GeneXus' traditional platform capabilities, GeneXus Next Edition introduces key components designed to enhance the design and development process and lead to higher levels of efficiency and excellence.

Linking tools with processes and accelerating using AI in every phase is the approach: In the Design phase, you use GeneXus Next No-Code Start and GeneXus' Figma plugins to get UI design, data model, and running prototypes. And from the development phase on, you will be using the GeneXus Next IDE.

GeneXus Next No-Code Start

GeneXus Next No-Code Start is one of the components of GeneXus Next Edition. Using your native language with GeneXus Next No-Code Start, you can create complete and secure back offices and back ends. You do it by interacting and communicating conversationally with the platform. This allows work to flow between a conversational 'No-code' environment and a 'Low-Code' development environment, as GeneXus has been until now.

Under the hood, through AI assistants and GeneXus agents, it adds Generative AI to the Symbolic AI used by GeneXus for over 30 years, making GeneXus the only company in the market leveraging these two technologies for delivering Mission-Critical Systems.

The importance of knowing programming languages is diminishing due to the advancement of software creation assistants. The vision is for the native language to become the programming language.

GeneXus Next IDE

GeneXus Next IDE — an essential component of the GeneXus Next Edition — is a complete rewrite of the GeneXus IDE in every aspect: it’s AI-based, Web-based, and Multiplatform. It is a development environment that doesn't require installation (or -if you prefer- you can execute a very simple installation on any platform like Linux, Mac, Windows), eliminating technical complexities and opening doors for more intuitive and agile software creation to a wider audience. Using No-code and Low-code approaches you get complete Enterprise AI Solutions in record time.

Figma plugins

To ensure a current and cohesive design experience, GeneXus continues to enhance the efficiency, scalability, and effectiveness of design systems, particularly those linked to enterprise environments.
The Figma plugins automate and accelerate the designer's tasks and workflows in GeneXus projects.

GeneXus Prototyper for Figma

The GeneXus Prototyper for Figma plugin creates a fully functional application prototype, based on your Figma design. To get those prototypes it uses under-the-hood GeneXus agents that import those designs, generate and deploy the application to the GeneXus Prototyping Cloud.

GeneXus Design Assistant for Figma

The GeneXus Design Assistant for Figma plugin automatically generates an initial Figma design (the front-end) of an application started with No-Code, using Generative Artificial Intelligence (Generative AI).


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