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Workflow in GeneXus X Evolution 2

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GXflow is a tool for automating business processes based on BPMN; it allows GeneXus developers to automate the flow of many tasks performed today. What is a Workflow? Nothing but a set of tasks ordered in a certain sequence that defines the process, where situations are resolved either manually or automatically.

Since developers model processes, they are who benefit the most as this automation succeeds in separating the flow control logic from the application logic itself, obtaining flexibility when it comes to maintaining the application.

See here a short demonstration about Business Process Model use!

Flow-based application development is easy in GeneXus since GXflow is fully integrated into GeneXus:

home_page_wkf_ev2       GXflow Client in X Evolution 2       GXflowSD_Main_iOS

The integration occurs at several levels:

  • You can create Business Process Diagrams inside GeneXus or use the GeneXus Business Process Modeler. This simplifies many tasks, making it easy to bind activities to objects.
  • GXflow is aware of the fact that an object is being used in a diagram and it automatically generates additional entry points so that the program is ready to be invoked by the workflow engine, without requiring the user to make any changes. This greatly simplifies the process of creating applications with Workflow components, and especially, of adding WorkFlow to an already existing application.
  • Mapping of Workflow Data Application with attributes. 
  • Workflow development cycle integrated in GeneXus (impact, prototyping, etc.)

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