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This article explains the steps needed to configure the GXflow Client for Smart Devices.

Step 1 - Enabling GAM Authentication (this step is optional, but it's a general recommendation for all SD apps)

To enable GAM - Authentication the property Enable Integrated Security property must be set to true, for details see My first Native Mobile application with GAM.

Step 2- Importing the GXflow Client for SD

Import the GXflowClientSD.xpz into the Knowledge Base. This xpz can be found in the GeneXus installation folder under \Packages\Gxpm\Extra.

Step 3- Creating a Business Process Diagram Object and running the process

Create a Business Process Diagram object and run it.

A good example of a native Business Process Diagram using Smart Devices objects assinged to user tasks can be found in the My first BPM Application for Smart Devices article as well as an example using Web objects assinged to user tasks can be found in the My first BPM Application article.

Step 4 - Creating an user and assigning permissions with GAM

The following steps can be skipped if the user wfadministrator is used (created by default when importing the GXflowClientSD.xpz).

Steps to create a new user:

  1. Login to the GAM as administrator, using admin/admin123.
  2. Choose the option Users and then ADD one.
  3. Assign the GXflow Prototyper role to the new user. To do this click the image in the column roles of the grid (roles).

Step 5 - Setting the Theme

Set the Theme for each SD Plataform as follows:

  • Any Platform: WorkflowPhone
  • Any Table 10: WorkflowTablet
  • Any Android: WorkflowAndroid
  • Any iOS: WorkflowIphone
  • iPad: WorkflowIpad


Step 6 - Setting the Startup Object and the Login Object for SD

Set the Startup Object property to "WorkflowSDClient", and the Login Object for SD property to "WorkflowSDLogin".

Step 7 - Done!

Press F5 and test your Workflow.

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