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Changes on Properties in Genexus 9.0


Some GeneXus model properties have been changed in GeneXus 9.0.
This document describes all these changes.


Here you will find detailed explanations of the changes made to models, objects and control properties in GeneXus 9.0, compared to GeneXus 8.0 last Upgrades (*).
It describes all the new properties, name and value changes of existing properties, and replacement of properties with new ones. Changes in property dependencies and restrictions will be mentioned as well.

Note that property groups are identified with a plus symbol ( ) and their properties are listed above them in a tree structure.

(*) Last Upgrades on 24/03/2006 are Development Environment (8), Java Generator (8), .Net Generator (7).


In models generated with previous GeneXus versions, you should review the default value properties because their behavior may change in this version. More Information