GeneXus X Evolution 3 Smart Devices Generator

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This page describes the new features of the Smart Devices Generator in X Evolution 3.

Offline apps

Now GeneXus also generates Offline Mobile Applications capable of synchronizing with a central server. This new feature solves common situations for apps in Points of Sales, Events or in scenarios of limited or no Internet connectivity, automatically synchronizing the information stored in the device to the database and vice versa. With this you retain the ability to execute transactions in Enterprise-class Mobile Apps without connection.

Offline Native Mobile Applications

Smashing UX

Improvements in Mobile apps generation helps you build extremely complex apps, apps with high UX and UI requirements, first class apps for the highest standards.
Creating smashing Mobile UX with GeneXus X Evolution 3

Windows 8 apps generation

We added Application generation for Windows 8 too, adding so this promising Mobile platform to our Android, BlackBerry and iOS mobile application development solution.
Windows 8 Generator

New APIs

In order to get the most out of the Smart Devices' capabilities, new apis have been added: ClientStorageAPI external object and ClipboardAPI external object.

To increase the potential of the existant APIs, new methods have been added: 

  • Proximity Alerts - Methods to trigger events depending on the user location.
  • Push Notifications Configuration API - To set certificate and other options in runtime.
  • Push Notifications - Methods to send groups of notifications, it will make the send process faster.

Other improvements

  • Flexibility added to Syntax of Smart Devices User Events. For more information see Expressions in User Events.
  • Added Suggest with input-type values support on Smart Devices.