Streamlined Application Development with GeneXus X Evolution 3

Official Content

This page states the news for all project team members related to the development with GeneXus X Evolution 3


With the inclusion of Modules for the GeneXus Knowledge Bases, the process of creating the most advanced software systems becomes more manageable and easier to understand. Modules

Core language improvements

The For Each command has now more power than ever. That is to say:

  • A new optional Base Transaction clause allows us to define the transaction (or transaction's level) that we want to use as Base Table for the For Each,
  • a new Unique Clause has been added,
  • an aggregation may depend on another aggregation.

All that adds flexilibilty, improves build times and may even improve performance of the generated application.


The Theme class cross references allow the user and GeneXus to know which objects reference a given class.

Color Editor and Colors Tab of Theme Object make easier color handling in GeneXus

With the Infer Structure property you let GeneXus create the SDT the Data Provider object defines.

New New Environment dialog and an icon for "New Object" added to the toolbar.

Json Inspector lets you integrate easily definitions of external Jsons as SDTs in your KB.

Create Transaction from Attributes command allows you to easily extend your data model by creating transactions from a group of attributes.

Shortened Prototyping Cycles

Build times are reduced since you can run without building, specify in background
Also, SDTs are only generated when specifier determinates that they are required.

A New Error List tool window will help you to review each of the errors or warnings you may get when Building. Once resolved, they are removed from this list.  

New Information in IAR when Reorganize Server Tables Property is set to No shows you the sentences needed to create Database tables and indexes.