GeneXus For SAP Systems KPI Worklist Floorplan

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The KPI Worklist Floorplan is a set of layouts that allows you to query and view data and it also calculates a KPI which you can define. 

This article describes you how to apply it to a Transaction or Web Panel to obtain a page like the following:


In the shown image, the KPI calculated corresponds to the average population of the country.

You can see this sample running here. It has been created using this Knowledge Base (KB).

Note: The design guideline of this floorplan is at SAP's documentation.

How to apply the KPI Worklist Floorplan

Look at the Patterns tab of the Country Transaction. If you have never applied the Fiori for Web pattern in your Knowledge Base yet, read here. Otherwise, being positioned on the Fiori for Web Pattern tab, check the Apply this pattern on save checkbox and select the offered link to choose a floorplan:


Then, select the KPI Worklist option from the list given by GeneXus


This floorplan can be applied to a Transaction object or a Web Panel object.

Learn how to apply it to a Web Panel.

How to set the KPI

By default, the KPI is an unset variable. In order to set it, you have to open the Object KPI Worklist Web Panel. 


Note: Temporarily the Web Panel's name is not WebPanelNameKPIWorklist but it is WebPanelNameListReport.

Once there, go to the Events section.


You can program the KPI behavior on the Refresh Event.

If you want to have a dynamic KPI (the calculation changes when a filter is applied) you can solve it by using the Data Selector object generated by GeneXus:


Note: Temporarily the Data Selector's name is not YourObjectNameSimpleWorklistDS but it is YourObjectNameListReportDS.

Remeber to do it outside the code generated by GeneXus (to avoid being overwritten by GeneXus).



How to customize it

The following section explains how to customize your KPI Worklist.

Add/Modify/Delete actions

You can add, modify or delete actions being positioned on the KPI Worklist tab, but if you want to do this, you may prefer the GeneXus For SAP Systems List Report Floorplan

To add actions you have to right click the GridActions node and then, select from the contextual menu Add / UserAction. The action will be added outside the grid (in the section where is located the button to insert).


To modify these actions you can right click on the action node and select the 'Go to Event' option. Then, you can modify the event code, but remember to do it outside the code generated by GeneXus (to avoid being overwritten by GeneXus).

If you want to add an action inside the grid for every line, you have to right-click on the Grid node and select in the contextual menu Add / UserAction:


In order to modify these actions, you have to follow the next steps:

1. Right-click on the KPI Worklist tab and select Open YourObjectNameKPIWorklist.


2. Being in the KPI Worklist Web Panel, go to the Events Section.


3. Once there, you only have to create the Click event for your customized actions.



Manage filters

You can manage the filters being positioned on the KPI Worklist tab.

To add filters you have to right-click on the Table Filter node and then select in the contextual menu Add and select the kind of filter you want.


For more information see GeneXus For SAP Filters.


Manage Orders

You can manage the Orders being positioned on the KPI Worklist tab. Once there, you have to right-click on the GridActions node and then select Add > Orders.


After having created the Orders node, to add a new Order you have to right-click on Orders and then choose Add > Order.


For each order you create, you have to complete its Name property:


and you have to add the attribute(s) by which the list will be sorted:


For each attribute, you can change the Ascending property to choose whether you want the list to be sorted in ascending or descending order considering that attribute(s) value(s).



Customize the information to be shown on the list.

You can manage the attributes to show being positioned on the KPI Worklist tab.

To prevent attributes from being shown on the KPI worklist you have to right-click the attribute and select Delete. Don't worry it will be deleted from the Web Panel, not from the Transaction.


To add attributes to be shown in the list, you have to right-click the Grid node, then select Add / GridAttribute:


Then, GeneXus will display a list of attributes for you to choose which ones you want to add. 



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