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The concept of Design Systems consists of achieving application designs which are consistent, maintain the same style, and reuse the same aesthetics.

It also proposes to be able to systematize and reuse components to avoid redesigning them repeatedly.

At the same time, it integrates and speeds up the interaction between designers and developers.

What makes a Design System effective?

A Design System can be considered effective when it is not only efficient in the collaboration and development process, but also provides a satisfactory user experience to achieve the purpose of the product.

What makes up a Design System?

A Design System is not only a set of patterns (typography, colors, UI components, etc.); first of all, it needs clear design principles for which the design system was created.
Purpose and values. Goals and drivers. A Design System for a fast food restaurant is not the same as for a traditional restaurant, because the patterns change, and the language changes, among other things.

How do you create a Design System?

  • Start with its purpose.
  • Specify who the audience is.
  • Find Themes and share them with the team.
  • Test and evolve the principles.


Start Video Design Systems presentation at #GX28 (in Spanish)

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