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Determines the scenario that image is about (a city, a beach, a desert, etc.).



The following table resumes the configuration properties (access credentials) you must set in order to use this AI task.

Property   Amazon WS Baidu AI  Google Cloud AI IBM Watson  Microsoft Azure  SAP Leonardo Tencent AI
Id - 视觉技术 - - - - 场景识别
Key Rekognition 视觉技术 Cloud Vision API - Computer Vision  - 场景识别
SecretKey Rekognition 视觉技术 - - - - -


Taking the following image input, the table below shows the scenarios are identified for each provider (as a JSON structure) and the time it takes for processing it.

GeneXusAI - Image module - Sample


Provider Output Benchmark
Amazon WS
    "label": "Vacation",
    "confidence": 0.997
}, {
    "label": "Tourist",
    "confidence": 0.976
}, {
    "label": "Architecture",
    "confidence": 0.924
}, {
    "label": "Building",
    "confidence": 0.924
}, {
    "label": "Dome",
    "confidence": 0.787
}, {
    "label": "Clothing",
    "confidence": 0.715
}, {
    "label": "Monument",
    "confidence": 0.675
}, {
    "label": "People",
    "confidence": 0.610
Baidu AI
	"label": "泰姬陵",
	"confidence": 1.000
Google Cloud AI
    "label": "Taj Mahal",
    "confidence": 0.72149533
IBM Watson N/A N/A
Microsoft Azure 
    "label": "outdoor, Taj Mahal",
    "confidence": 0.985146582126618
}, {
    "label": "people",
    "confidence": 0.64453125

SAP Leonardo N/A N/A
Tencent AI
    "label": "GXAI_TCN_SCENE_193",
    "confidence": 0.974
}, {
    "label": "GXAI_TCN_SCENE_210",
    "confidence": 0.004
}, {
    "label": "GXAI_TCN_SCENE_92",
    "confidence": 0.004
}, {
    "label": "GXAI_TCN_SCENE_223",
    "confidence": 0.003
}, {
    "label": "GXAI_TCN_SCENE_65",
    "confidence": 0.002


  • The label assigned for an object depends on the provider used.
  • Maximum image file size is 10MB.
  • Tencent AI returns labels as 'GXAI_TCN_SCENE_{id}' tags, where the {id} is a numeric class provided by Tencent. You can use a Language object for mapping each tag with string label as other provider does. You can download this xpz which contains the SimplifiedChinese language object with the official mapping, and also contains the English language mapping using machine translation (it can be inaccurate). Once you import this xpz, for example, the 'GXAI_TCN_SCENE_193' label on the sample section will be translated to '清真寺外面' (or 'outside the mosque' in English) if you have set Translation Type Property in your environment with 'Run-time' value.


Platforms  Web(.NET,.NETCore,Java), SmartDevices(Android,iOS)
Connectivity  Online


This procedure is available as of GeneXus 16.

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