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GeneXus 15 Installation Manual

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This manual contains all the necessary information to start with GeneXus 15.

Download and Install

Start downloading the setup from http://www.genexus.com/v15-download and then follow the GeneXus Installation Steps. There you will find a detailed description of the installation process. Before starting the installation, check the requirements of each component in the System Requirements. Please, make sure your computer matches them and then run the setup program that will guide you through the rest of the installation.

Activate Licenses

If it's the first time you install GeneXus and you have no licenses of previous versions, in GeneXus Activation you will find the required steps to activate it. 

If you already have licenses of previous GeneXus Versions you can upgrade them to GeneXus 15 and share them with that previous version. See Upgrade licenses to a new GeneXus version for more details.

Knowledge Bases Conversion

If you are planning to migrate your Knowledge Base from a previous GeneXus version to GeneXus 15, read Converting to GeneXus 15 in the Release Notes.

Useful Resources for everyone

Finally, in GeneXus SA and Community Resources for GeneXus Users you will find more information about the product as well as interesting links to resources on documentation, support, forums, etc.

Additional Information

GeneXus 15 Setup has the following components:

Development Environment

It is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for designing and prototyping your applications, regardless of the production platform.


GeneXus generates native code for the leading platforms. The generators available are the following:

GeneXus 15 Smart Devices Generator
GeneXus 15 .NET Generator
GeneXus 15 Java Generator
GeneXus iSeries RPG and Cobol Generators

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