Angular generator feature support and roadmap

Unofficial Content

Angular Generator is under development and an Early Adopter Program is running. The generator is already included and visible in the latest builds of the GeneXus Beta Channel.

First results 

Stability is still very low given the fact that it is under development, so it is hard to predict whether the following apps or your own apps would build and run successfully in a given build.

LightCRM Sample

You can download the LightCRM KB, build using this generator, and if the build finishes successfully, inspect the generated code and watch results.

Temporary Limitations you may see on LightCRM

  • The validations are done mostly server-side. There aren't client-side (front-end) validations yet.
  • Geopoint controls cannot be shown in maps yet.

The #GX29 app

At you can experience the app of the 29th GeneXus Meeting, generated with the Angular Generator. 

You can download the KB of the GeneXus Meeting Open Source Project and generate the app by yourself


Oct / Dez 2019: Early Adopter Program

As announced at the 29th GeneXus Meeting, an Early Adopter Program is running. If you have an iOS or Android app, you can send to the GeneXus team your KB and the team works on the generator until the Angular generator does his job to generate a similar web application from the same KB and objects. Contact your distributor if you are interested to participate and be part of the first that adopt it!


Roadmap is under review.