Design System Object - How to change an image according to the Design System Object option

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This article describes how to change the Image object named chatbot according to the Light or Dark color-scheme.

As you can see in the design, in Light mode it is red and in Dark mode it is green:


For this, it is enough to define the variable image by Option in the definition of the image object itself in the Knowledge Base:


The GeneXus Image object named Chatbot is varied by Style (DSO), image density, and color-scheme option.


Note: since it is not yet possible to set which DSO design options will be the default values (in this case, the default color-scheme should be Light), it will not know which image to show in the layout and therefore the following will be displayed instead of the image:


Event Start
    &Background_HeroImg = HomeHeroImage.GetInternalURI()
    HeroTitle.Caption = "Get ready to Explore"
    Textblock1.Caption = "The new age of <br/> EXPLORATION"
    &option = "Light"
    DesignSystem.SetOption("color-scheme", &option)

Event &Background_HeroImg.Click
    &option = iif(&option = "Dark", "Light", "Dark")
    DesignSystem.SetOption("color-scheme", &option)

Here you can download a ZIP file with an XPZ and the images for the chatbot.  

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