Design System Class Properties List

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This article refers to those properties that are specific to GeneXus which start with the prefix "gx-".

Follow this link to access the complete list of properties for Angular, Android and Apple: Design System Class Properties List File

For Web Panels, and all objects of the same platform, such as Master Pages, Transactions, etc., the standard properties match those of CSS so they are not listed here (for more details, read CSS Reference).

Take into account that in the list the second column of the table indicates the platform to which the property applies:

  • Web: Properties related to Angular, .NET and Java.
  • Web Panels: Properties related only to .NET and Java.
  • Panels: Properties related to Apple, Android and Angular. 
  • All: Properties related to all of them (Apple, Android, Angular, .NET, Java).

Note: Web Panels and Panels are used to represent all the objects with an interface of these platforms—not only Web Panel and Panel objects.

The third and fourth columns are for mapping these properties to those used in the Theme object:

  • The third one indicates the root classes of the Theme's class tree in which the property is located.
  • The fourth one indicates the name of the property in those classes or their heirs in the Theme.    

The fifth column indicates the fixed preset values that can be specified for the property, if any.


Since GeneXus 17 Upgrade 6.