Automated DevOps with GeneXus 18

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One of the key aspects of mission-critical solutions development is defining the processes you're going to use to build and maintain that system. Defining how often the system has to be released, which is its SLA, are some of the keys to successfully defining the processes that will support its lifecycle. Anyway, something you can take for granted for every process: It will accelerate, and therefore, you need to automate every step.

GeneXus 18 helps you to automate every single step in the lifecycle of a solution. From DesignOps, as stated in Total Experience chapter, to Deployment, as stated in Cloud-native on. Furthermore, we have updated GeneXus Server which is key for team development, version management, managing the different production lines, and GXtest to automate tests, both unit and user tests.

GeneXus Server 18 Release Notes GXtest for GeneXus 18 Release Notes

Every step can be automated and for providing maximum flexibility, very granular MSBuild tasks are provided.

MSBuild Tasks, Team Development MSBuild Tasks, Application Deployment MSBuild tasks

In addition, we have worked on integration with other managers, such as Azure DevOps. Now, you can integrate your development to an Azure DevOps Pipe, and for that, we have provided documentation and of course, also code that shows you how to do that.


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