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When you log in, your workspace is opened, so, you will see the following interface:


To start developing a new application, you have to create a new Knowledge Base (a Knowledge Base is a GeneXus project).

Click on the “+” button to create a new Knowledge Base.

Then, the New Knowledge Base dialog is opened and you have to type a Knowledge Base Name. The sample application that will be defined throughout this document is a real but simplified application for a pharmacy. So, it makes sense to call the Knowledge Base “Pharmacy” or “PharmacySystem”, among other options.


The above dialog also contents the Template combo box which allows you to select the Environment to be used to generate the application programs, as well as the necessary programs to create and maintain the database. Choose the one offered by default.

Press the “Ok” button to create your Knowledge Base. 

Next, you will see in the IDE:


•    The name of your recently created Knowledge Base inside the "Knowledge Bases" window.
•    A tree with some nodes inside the left window called KB EXPLORER.

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