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This article describes a set of design files made with the Sketch design tool and exported by GxDesignOps plugin in .gxsketch format.

Warning: Do not expect a perfect import. It is highly probable that you or your designer must fix something in the design file or the generated objects (abstract layout or theme-class).

Movies mobile front-end design

A simple movie ticket purchase mobile front-end application.

Designer world   Developer world
Sketch Artboard GeneXus Android iOS
01 Home Sketch01Menu_2020102612287_1_png View01Home Android01Menu_20201026122845_1_png iOS01Menu_20201026122913_1_png
02 Movie Sketch02Movie_png View02Movie Android02Movie_png iOS02Movie_png
03 Choose Seat  Sketch03ChooseSeat_png View03ChooseSeat  Android03ChooseSeat_png iOS03ChooseSeat_png
04 Checkout Sketch04Checkout_png View04Checkout Android04Checkout_png iOS04Checkout_png

Sample download

Download Icon Material Movies.gxsketch

Food trucks mobile front-end design

A simple food truck mailing mobile front-end application.

Designer world   Developer world
Sketch Artboard GeneXus Android iOS
01 Home Sketch01Menu_png View01Home Android01Menu_png iOS01Menu_png
02 Foodtruck List  Sketch02FoodtruckList_png View02FoodtruckList  Android02FoodtruckList_png iOS02FoodtruckList_png
03 Product List Sketch03ProductList_png View03ProductList Android03ProductList_png iOS03ProductList_png
04 Product Sketch04Product_png View04Product Android04Product_png iOS04Product_png
05 Order Sketch05Order_png View05Order Android05Order_png iOS05Order_png

Sample download

Download Icon Material Foodtrucks.gxsketch


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This sample has been made for GeneXus 17.