Design System Object - How to associate a Design System Object to your screens

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It wasn't shown here, but for the Web Panel being developed to take the definitions of the Design System Object Classes and Tokens, it was necessary to do something.

The Style property of the Web Panel used in the previous work was changed from the default value, Carmine, to the name given to the Design System Object. 


However, something more general could also be done: modify this default by changing the property at the version level; in this way, any new object created with Style will have the Design System Object indicated there.


Note: for a while, the Theme object will coexist with the Design System Object that has been added to replace it. That’s why the Carmine theme is still the default. However, you can always convert it to a Design System Object:


Learn more about how to use the Design System Object with predefined Knowledge Bases here. 


Since GeneXus 17 Upgrade 6.