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Modern applications rely on asynchronous message exchange to establish boundaries between components, which ensures low coupling.

Message brokers facilitate the implementation of this feature of modern applications, since:

  • They can validate, store, route, and deliver messages. This enables asynchronous communication between applications, systems, and services.
  • They act as an intermediary between applications, so that senders can send messages without knowing where the receivers are and whether they are active or not. In other words, Message Brokers effectively implement decoupling between components. 

For now, this functionality is implemented for Azure Service Bus

You must import the following modules into your KB:

  • GeneXusMessagingMessageBroker
  • AzureServiceBus

To import each module, in the GeneXus menu you need to select: Knowledge Manager > Manage Module References.


  • Azure Service Bus support is provided by the  .NET generator.


This feature is available since GeneXus 18 upgrade 1.

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