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When the Message Broker API is used, the BrokerReceiverOptions Structured Data Type is defined under the AzureServiceBus module and represents the options that may be passed to the Connect method to configure the behavior of the receiver associated with this connection to the Service Bus.


The BrokerReceiverOptions SDT is used

ReceiveMode 0: Specifies the PeekLock receive mode (default value). 1: Specifies the ReceiveAndDelete receive mode. Click here for more information.
PrefetchCount Sets the number of messages that will be eagerly requested from Queues or Subscriptions and queued locally without regard to whether the receiver is actively receiving, intended to help maximize throughput by allowing the receiver to receive from a local cache rather than waiting on a service request. It corresponds to this property.
Identifier To set the ID to identify the client for the receive operations. This can be used to correlate logs and exceptions. If null or empty, a random unique value will be used It corresponds to this property.
SessionId The Session ID for receive operations, only for session-enabled queues or topics. The Session ID has to be established at the ReceiveMessage and ReceiveMessages method, using the ReceiveMessageOptions SDT.


This feature is available since GeneXus 18 upgrade 1.


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