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The MessageQueueProvider is an external object of the Queue API located under the AWSQueue module. It allows you to establish a connection to an Amazon Simple Queue Service, by passing its credentials. 

To send or receive messages from AWS SQS, first you have to establish a connection using the method of this external object. It returns a MessageQueue that must be used to process the queue (produce and consume messages).

This guarantees that only the AWS SQS dependencies are downloaded to your machine and taken to the deployment.



It doesn't have any.



Static method that allows instantiating a Queue from dynamic data.

Return value   MessageQueue
Parameters     AWSBasicCredentials:AWSBasicCredentials, queueURL:VarChar, ErrorMessages:GeneXus.Common.Messages, Success:Boolean.

Note: AWSBasicCredentials is an SDT (AccessKey, SecretKey, Region) defined in the AWSCore module.
If you leave the AccessKey and SecretKey empty (use the connect method that does not receive the AWSBasicCredentials), you are expected to be using an IAM Role.

Return value   MessageQueue
Parameters     queueURL:VarChar, ErrorMessages:GeneXus.Common.Messages, Success:Boolean.

To connect to the queue without hard-coding the credentials and use Environment variables, click here.


It doesn't have any.

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This feature is available since GeneXus 18.


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