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When the Message Broker API is used, the ConsumeMessageOptions Structured Data Type is defined under the AzureServiceBus module and represents the options that may be passed to the ConsumeMessage method.


After executing the Receive method, you decide what to do with the message using the Consume method.
Message settlement can only be used when using the PeekLock receive mode, which is the default behavior. For the settlement operation to be successful, the message must be locked. 
To understand the behavior, the recommendation is to check the Azure documentation.

ConsumeMode When a consumer receives a message from the broker, the consumer decides what to do with the message. 
ConsumeModeOptions Domain  
Complete Completes a message. This will delete the message from the service.
Abandon Abandons a message. This will make the message available again for immediate processing as the lock on the message held by the receiver will be released.
DeadLetter Moves a message to the dead-letter subqueue.
Defer Indicates that the receiver wants to defer the processing for the message. In order to receive this message again in the future, you will need to get the SequenceNumber (which is an attribute of the received Message) and receive it using the ReceiveMessage method, passing to it the ReceiveDeferredSequenceNumbers.SequenceNumber of the Azure Service Bus: ReceiveMessageOptions SDT.
RenewMessageLock Renews the lock on the message. The lock will be renewed based on the setting specified on the queue.



This feature is available since GeneXus 18 upgrade 1.

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