Encoding Management

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All GeneXus Cryptography Module functions use UTF-8 (single-byte) encoding for input/output string/byte manipulation by default.

The default configuration can be changed using the EncodingType Domain and the EncodingUtil Object.

EncodingType Domain

Available values:

UTF_8, UTF_16, UTF_16BE, UTF_16LE, UTF_32, UTF_32BE, UTF_32LE, SJIS, GB2312
  • UTF8 - Is the default configuration, and it should solve the majority of use cases.


Available function


  • Sets the global module's encoding that will be used for all module functions.  
Example: &CryptographyEncodingUtil.SetEncoding(EncodingType.UTF-16)

This line must be added before using the module's functions when other encoded characters are expected.