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This is part of GeneXus Cryptography Module. and allows to manage certificates, for asymmetric Encryption.


Valid Public Key formats

  • Encoded Base64 key PKCS8 formatted (.pem extension). It can contain a public key, private key, certificate or both.  
    • Encrypted .pem files are not supported
    • Files with .key extensions are supported since GeneXus 16 Upgrade 11
  • DER certificate (.crt or .cer extension). It contains only public keys.
  • PKCS12 certificate or keystore (.p12 or .pfx or .jks extension). It contains only private keys or both.
    • JKS format (JavaKeyStore) is available only for Java implementation.
    • For PKCS12 certificates the file password is needed for both Java and .Net implementations.
    • .Net implementation does not use the PKCS12 alias; it takes the public key from the first certificate on the certificate chain and the first default private key listed on the file.
    • Files with .pkcs12 extensions are supported since GeneXus 16 Upgrade 11
  • Every certificate must implement the X509 standard.
  • Public keys outside certificates are admitted in PKCS8 format. Supported since GeneXus 18 Upgrade 4


  • String issuer
  • String subject
  • String serialNumber
  • String thumbprint
  • Date notAfter
  • Date notBefore
  • int version


  • Input path: VarChar(256) path to the X509 certificate
  • Returns: Boolean true if it is correctly loaded


Certificate.LoadPKCS12(path, alias, password)
  • Input path: VarChar(256) path of the X509 certificate 
  • Input alias: Character(100) certificate's alias
  • Input password: Character(100) file password
  • Returns Boolean true if it is correctly loaded

Loads a public key from a PKCS#12 formatted certificate.


  • Input base64Data: VarChar(256) base64 encoded X509 certificate
  • Returns Boolean true if it is correctly loaded

Loads an X509 certificate from its base64 encoded representation.


  • Returns VarChar(256) base64 encoded certificate

Retrieves the loaded certificate on base64 encoding.


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