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Note: These Options are part of the GeneXus FTPS Module that implements the File Transfer Protocol over SSL/TLS  - FTPS.

SDT FtpsOptions 


  • Host - Character(100): Domain name or IP of the SFTP server.
  • Port - Numeric(9.0): Port number  - Default value: 21.
  • User - Character(100): Registered server user for authentication.
  • Password - Character(100): Registered user's password.
  • ForceEncryption - Boolean: Keeps the connection encrypted after login. Default value: true
  • ConnectionMode - FtpConnectionMode Domain; Sets passive or active connection for file transfer. Default value: PASSIVE
  • EncryptionMode- FtpEncryptionMode Domain: Defines if Implicit or Explicit mode is used. Default value: EXPLICIT
  • Encoding- FtpEncoding Domain: Defines the mode for file transfer. Default value: BINARY
  • TrustStorePath - VarChar(256): Trust store or certificate (PKCS12 format) absolute path.
  • TrustStorePassword - Character(100): Trust Store or pkcs12 certificate password
  • Protocol - FtpsProtocol Domain: Defines SSL protocol to be used. Default value: TLS1_2
  • WhiteList - ExtensionsWhiteList SecurityAPICommons object.

Implementation details

  • If TrustStorePath is empty, it will accept any certificate without validation.
  • A PKCS12 formatted certificate or keystore is expected for the trust store. Allowed file extensions for TrustStorePath are: pfx, p12, pkcs12 or jks for Java. More information about extensions

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