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The Security API is a collection of specific modules that implement cryptographic functions, digital signature standards, input type controls and integrity checks, and more.

Modules list

  • SecurityAPICommons
    • Common objects and utilities
  • GeneXusCryptography
    • Cryptographic functions
  • GeneXusXmlSignature
    • Digital XML signature standards implementation
  • GeneXusJWT
    • JSON Web Token implementation
  • GeneXusSftp
    • Restricted SFTP Client implementation.
  • GeneXusFtps (Available since GeneXus v16 Upgrade 9)
    • Restricted FTPS Client implementation.


You have to install SecurityAPI modules using the Manage Module References dialog in the Knowledge Manager option (GeneXus IDE toolbar). All modules on this API require the SecurityAPICommons module.


This property is available since GeneXus 16 upgrade 8.


Java, Net Framework Web, .Net Core (server-side module)

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