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Note: These Options are part of GeneXus SFTP Module which implements the SSH File Transfer Protocol  - SFTP.

SDT SftpOptions 


  • Host - Character(100): domain name or IP of the SFTP server.
  • Port - Numeric(9.0): port number  - Default value: 22.
  • User - Character(100): registered server user for authentication (without @domain).
  • Password - Character(100): registered user's password for user/password authentication method.
  • KeyPath - VarChar(256): absolute local path to the registered private key used to establish the connection.
  • KeyPassword - Character(100): password of the encrypted key file indicated on KeyPath property.
  • AllowHostKeyChecking - Boolean: True if the server's fingerprint will be checked against a known_hosts file. - Default value: true.
  • KnownHostsPath  - VarChar(256): absolute path of the known_host file.
  • WhiteList - ExtensionsWhiteList SecurityAPICommons object (Available since GeneXus v16 Upgrade 9)

Implementation details

  • If a KeyPath is configured, it will automatically try to establish a connection using the private key even when a password is also configured.
  • known_hosts file format must be the OpenSSH defined format. More information here.
  • The User is needed when using a private key authentication method.
  • If AllowHostKeyChecking is false, it will not check the server identity even if KnownHostsPath is configured. This configuration is not recommended because it allows man-in-the-middle attacks. Use for tests only.
  • If AllowHostKeyChecking is true it will not establish a connection to the server if KnownHostsPath is not configured, known_hosts has an invalid format, or the server fingerprint does not match any of the registered hosts in the mentioned file.
  • KeyPath's referenced private keys are base64 encoded files. It is expected to use an Encrypted private key, and use the KeyPassword property to set the key's encryption password. Allowed file extensions: none, .pem, and .key.

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