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Chat with Data Assistant is a key component of GeneXus Enterprise AI, designed to facilitate the interaction between end users and the database. This innovative assistant uses artificial intelligence to simplify the data query and retrieval process from any relational database that is in third normal form.

End users can send queries in natural language directly from the Frontend, without the need to access the database directly. This significantly streamlines the information search process, offering a more intuitive and efficient experience.

One of the outstanding features of Chat with Data Assistant is its ability to create, edit, and delete queries directly from the Frontend. This provides end users with quick and easy access to the information stored in the database, without the need for additional tools.

Creation and configuration of the assistant

To create and configure the Chat with Data Assistant, access the GeneXus Enterprise AI Backoffice, and upload the necessary metadata in a file with an .export extension.

Next, configure the database connection options. It is important to select from the DBMS supported by GeneXus Enterprise AI. Currently this list includes SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and SAP Hana (DB2 for iSeries, DB2 Universal Database and Informix coming soon).

Once the assistant is configured, you can go to the Frontend and select the Chat with Data Assistant that you have just created. From now on, you will be able to make queries using natural language, which significantly speeds up the data search and retrieval process.

For more details: How to use Chat with Data Assistant


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