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The Ingestion SDK, a GeneXus Enterprise open-source repository, facilitates the customized loading of documents from various sources. 

This tool offers the ability to integrate, process, and automate document ingest workflows. This includes running batch ingestion, applying specialized treatments to metadata, and customizing document processing.

It also provides flexibility to extend its functionality by integrating additional connectors for other data sources.

The Ingestion SDK is available in the GeneXus Enterprise AI Ingest utility package.

This package includes Python code that facilitates interaction with the GeneXus Enterprise AI API Reference, allowing you to get detailed information about its operation and capabilities.

For more details on its use and operation, it is recommended to refer to the contribution and licensing details. Also, it is essential to check the available connectors and learn how to create a configuration file to start using this SDK effectively.

In addition, exploring the use of the API provides a deeper understanding of how to take full advantage of the SDK's capabilities and optimize document ingest workflows.

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