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The Data Analyst Assistant is a GeneXus Enterprise AI assistant that uses AI to analyze data and generate useful lists, summaries, and descriptions. It offers specific answers in short timeframes for decision-making. 

To define an assistant of this kind, you must provide the following information:

  • Metadata: A description of each dataset, its columns (including data types and possible values), and considerations for the coder and the interpreter (see Define Metadata (JSON)).
  • Glossary: A list of terms used within the company and/or the domain of the user that would be relevant for the LLM to understand the questions.
  • Datasets: A set of CSV files that follows the descriptions added as metadata.

Next, GeneXus Enterprise AI uses the glossary, metadata, and datasets to enable end users to use natural language to interact with data.

To define or update a Data Analyst Assistant you must use the GeneXus Enterprise AI Backoffice Follow the steps outlined in How to use Data Analyst Assistant.


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