Control Type property

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This property sets the control type associated with an attribute or variable in the form. Possible values depend on whether the control is placed in a grid or not, the interface and the variable data type.


Combo Box
Radio Button
Check Box
Dynamic Combo Box
List Box
Dynamic List Box


For variable/attribute controls, the possible types are:

  • Check Box
  • Combo Box
  • Dynamic Combo Box
  • Dynamic List Box Setup
  • Edit
  • List Box
  • Radio Button
  • FCK Html Editor
  • GXSpreadsheet
  • SD Scanner (*)
  • Rating Control (only for variables or domains)
  • SD Linear Gauge (*)
  • SD Multiwheel (*)
  • SD PhysicalMeasure (*)
  • SD Advanced Image (*)
  • SD Wheel (*)
  • SD Facebook Button (*)
  • SearchBox (*)
  • Chronometer
  • Switch
  • Touch Controls - Carousel (*)
  • Web Linear Gauge
(*) Only in Smart Devices Generator

For grid controls, the possible types are:

  • SD Charts (*)
  • Horizontal Grid Control 
  • SD Image Gallery (*)
  • SD Image Map (*)
  • SD Leaves (*)
  • SD Magazine Viewer (*)
  • SD Paged Grid (*)
  • SD Maps (*)
  • SD Spark Line (*)
  • SD Geolocation (*)

This property is not available when the attribute is a formula and applies only at design time.


Objects: Panel for Smart Devices, Transaction, Web Panel
Platforms: Web(.Net, Java), Smart Devices(Android, IOS)
Controls: Grid

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