Consuming web services in GeneXus

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There are two web service protocols to consume with GeneXus: SOAP and REST.


In order to consume, there are two simple steps: 

1- Inspecting the wsdl: to invoke a web service, first you have to read its wsdl using the WSDL Inspector (given by an URL or physical path file).

2- Consuming: Once the service has been inspected, you can start programming the consumer (using the External Object created automatically).

There is a simple example from Consuming SOAP web services in GeneXus

To consume a web service under HTTPS, refer to Invoking web services that run under https and/or authentication

If you need to set up SOAP Headers, read Setting up SOAP Headers

To Consume WCF Services (Ws*), read WCF with GeneXus

For more information, read SOAP Webservices


To consume, read Consuming a Rest Service with GeneXus

For more information, read REST Web Services