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The GeneXus BPM Suite is a set of tools that enable us to model a business process, convert the model into a functional application, run and monitor the application and optimize its results, by offering a tool for each stage in the BPM Cycle.

The BPM process in GeneXus covers 4 stages:

GeneXus BPM Cycle


This stage focuses on designing the Business Process. This stage may be done in GeneXus using the Business Process Diagram object or the GeneXus Business Process Modeler tool that is installed, free of charge, independent of GeneXus.

To learn how to start modeling a process, refer to Getting Started: Modeling a business process.

If you already have business processes developed with another tool and want to integrate them into GeneXus, they must be of the XPDL type. To include them, we offer the IDE option Import From XPDL. It is also possible to export the GX diagrams in XPDL format. To learn how to do it, refer to Export to XPDL Option.

Automation, Integration

Once the business processes are modeled, we must make them automatic to advance with the BPM cycle. To accomplish this, we develop the GeneXus objects that will later be included in the process.

Execution and monitoring

This stage focuses on the execution and monitoring of the process designed, to validate whether it behaves as expected, and to assess if it is necessary to optimize it. Here, again, we will use GeneXus, since it includes the GXflow client to this end. This client includes both the web mode and Smart Devices.

Optimization and Statistical analysis

The GXflow client provides many statistical reports which allow us to evaluate the behavior of our process, and make adjustments to his performance.

See also

For a BPMN introduction, please go to Introduction to business process modeling based on the BPMN standard

For a guide on how to develop a full BPM application (from modeling to process execution) refer to My first BPM Application.


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