Configuring GeneXus for using the Chatbot Generator

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To build a chatbot using the GeneXus Chatbot generator, create a Conversational Flows instance and configure at least, the following properties:

NLP Provider property  
User Name property Only IBM Watson provider
User Password property Only IBM Watson provider
Access Token Only DialogFlow provider (Not supported yet)

Configure IBM Watson services for the Chatbot generator

In order to use IBM Watson services, you need to configure the Conversation API services (Watson Assistant).

After configuring it, you can get the Service Credentials and use the username and password given to set the User Name and User Password properties.


Each Conversational Flows instance generates a different workspace. In Watson, you can open the web console and access the Workspaces to edit them.


In particular, you can check the Entity values defined there. The entity values are automatically defined by the Chatbot generator.


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