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Dynamic Scripted Chatbots allow editing their Flows, Trigger Messages, User inputs, etc. at runtime. 

The possibility to add/edit Flows, Trigger Messages, User inputs, etc. at runtime provides dynamism.

To configure a Scripted chatbot as Dynamic, you have to set the following properties of the Conversational Flows object instance:

Take into account that the definition of the Dynamic Scripted Chatbots will be stored in the application database. To this end, the following Transaction objects will be created: 

  • ChatbotFlows
  • ChatbotInstances
  • ChatbotInstancesFlows

These Transactions will be created in the CommonChatbots module so that they are available in all the Chatbot development Environments. In addition, the hatbotLoadDefaultStructure Procedure object will be created to perform the initial loading of the tables associated with these Transactions.

A group of Web Panel objects will also be generated to make it easier to edit the Chatbot records. In this way, you will be able to easily and quickly edit the chatbot without having to access the database records and edit them manually. These Web Panels will be distributed as long as the Generate Dynamic Provider property is set to True in at least one instance.

The Web Panels mentioned above are as follows:

  • PanelChatbotFlows
  • PanelChatbotInstances
  • PanelChatBotInstancesFlows

To learn how to create a Dynamic Scripted Chatbot, read at: HowTo: Create a Dynamic Scripted Chatbot


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