HowTo: Build a chatbot using GeneXus

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The Citizen Service Chatbot sample contains an application (Web and Mobile) that offers information to residents and provides them with services related to the administrative formalities that can be carried out in the city they live in.

Instead of providing a solution where the user is presented with a menu with options for the user to choose from, in this solution the user tells directly what he or she needs in a conversational fashion.

How is this solution implemented using the Chatbot generator?

Planning the chatbot system

Planning the chatbot system requires outlining the dialog. The dialog may have several Flows.

First, you have to plan the range of user questions and requests that will be within the scope of the system to answer. In this sense, you have to think of the verbs that will be used or requests that will be made by the user, and what you want the bot to respond automatically. These are called intents.

The next step is outlining the different dialog Flows of the example.